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In Australia there are some processes to follow in order to be married legally. Most people don’t know “How to get married” unless they start investigating. Here’s what you need to do as a minimum to Get Just Married®…

• Before a marriage can be performed, the law requires that you sign and lodge with me an appropriately witnessed Notice of Intended Marriage (NoIM) form a minimum of one calendar month prior to the wedding. You can lodge your Notice in person, via fax, email or mail, but you must bring the original Notice with you when we meet. The NoIM form will remain active for 18 calendar months from the date of lodgement. You can download the NoIM form here.

• You must be at least 18 years of age to marry in Australia

• If you are Australian born you must show an original copy of your birth certificate. This can be obtained at the Births Deaths & Marriages Registry Office of your state of birth (New South Wales,Queensland, Victoria, Australian Capital Territory, Western Australia, South Australia, Northern Territory). If born outside Australia, you are required to show your birth certificate or passport from your country of birth. If these documents are in a language other than English, you will need a certified translation of the documents.

Download the Notice of Intended Marriage Form here



• For persons who have previously been married – an original Divorce Document is necessary. If you can’t find (or threw out!!) your divorce paperwork, you can obtain a copy by following the instructions outlined on the Family Law Courts website.

• If you are widowed you will need the Death Certificate which can be obtained from the State Registry in the state where the death was registered.

• On the day of your marriage you must have two witnesses over the age of 18. If you are eloping and would like your marriage to be secret, Vows Now can often assist by providing 2 witnesses for your marriage ceremony (this is not guaranteed).

• If you are getting married, your celebrant will provide you with a brochure called “Happily Ever…before and after – important information for people planning to marry“. This brochure includes information on marriage education, counselling, changing your name, taxation, wills, joint ownership and legal obligations. Download the brochure here. More information can be found on our Links and FAQ’s pages.

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