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With the average Australian Wedding costing just under $40K, is it any wonder that clever couples are choosing to ditch the idea of a lavish wedding and spend their money to Get Just Married®. Eloping in a simple, fuss-free civil ceremony is an affordable alternative that concentrates on the intimacy of the promises made between the couple.

Vows Now - Get JUST Married®

Johanna Hayes of Vows Now is an Authorised Civil Marriage Celebrant who has made small, fun, affordable elopement style ceremonies her speciality. If you just want a simple, no frills marriage ceremony that is short, to the point and covers all the legal requirements of getting married then Johanna is your girl!  With Vows Now you can Get Just Married® when you want, where you want and be off to enjoy married life in as little as a few minutes! Vows Now is based in Gosford on the N.S.W. Central Coast, approx 1 hour north of Sydney. Marry in our office at 42 Hills Street Gosford, or choose from a number of gorgeous locations around the Central Coast, Sydney or Newcastle.

A Vows Now elopement ceremony starts at $350AUD and includes

  • Lodging the Notice of Intended Marriage
  • Producing Ceremonial Marriage Certificate
  • Performing your Get Just Married® Wedding Ceremony.
  • Registration of your Marriage with NSW Registry of Births Deaths and Marriages

Imagine what you could afford to do with all the money you save?
We’ve come up with 10 things…

  1. Pay a Professional Photographer to capture some great photos of your special day.
    (We used a photographer as one of our witnesses)
  2. Have an extended Honeymoon.
  3. Go out for dinner and order the lobster & Champagne for the 2 of you, rather than have your work mates drink their way through the bar!
  4. Make each others wedding bands whilst guided by an expert Sydney Jeweller. So much more meaningful than buying a ready made ring. Larsen Jewellers Strand Arcade Sydney. You don’t need to exchange rings to be legally wed – this is just a tradition. Change tradition by making the rings together AFTER the ceremony.
  5. Get matching tattoos… That’s exactly what Daran & Trinity did when they were married in June 2009 by Vows Now.
  6. Insist that your new husband buys you a Gourmet Hamburger… I did!
  7. Use your savings for a house deposit.
  8. Buy some Karma Currency and spread the love with Australia’s 1st Charity Gift Certificates. Celebrate your love by sharing some love to save a child, protect a forest, find a cure, educate a mind, aid the arts, spur on spirituality or perform countless other wonderful acts.
  9. Hire a personal trainer for two! If you plan to be together forever make it a healthy start to married life.
  10. Reverse traditions and surprise the significant others in your life by giving them gifts to celebrate your wedding.

Note: Price does NOT include Venue hire if applicable – this is the responsibility of the couple. Fees apply for travel in excess of 200km. If you would like to order a Standard Marriage Certificate at the time of your wedding this can be organised for $50.00 extra (This is the Certificate supplied by Births Deaths and Marriages that is required to Change your Name at the RTA or Passport Office). You will need to bring 2 witnesses who are over 18 years of age – however we can help with witnesses if you want to keep your wedding a secret.

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